Oct 10, 2016

Fall Newsletter

SOLJETS fall newsletter 2016

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  • The Phenom 100EV was announced in July. Enhancements include the addition of the Prodigy Touch Avionics (G3000) and an increase in engine thrust from 1695lb to 1730lb per side. The result is an increase in top speed to 405 KTAS and a 14% reduction in takeoff distance in hot and high conditions. Release date early 2017.
  • The production line in Brazil is coming to an end with SN 50000381, which is nearing the end of its assembly. From now on, all production of Phenom 100s will occur in Melbourne, FL.


  • There was a major update recently to the Prodigy Touch G3000 avionics with the 1X software load. New features include FMS Climb-Cruise-Descent VNAV, Surface Watch, Vertical Situation Display, Reactive Windshear Alerting, Connext Weather/Position Report, ILS Approach Preview, Flight Plan Progress, and a Touchscreen Cursor Control. A Service Bulletin is available at an approximate cost of $1000 USD.
  • An event was reported regarding a P300 loss of GPS signal due to U.S. Navy tests. This has led to a NOTAM targeting Phenom 300 aircraft. The combination of GPS unavailability, maintaining a groundspeed above 400kts, and flying a shallow bank angle brought this aircraft into an AHRS misbehavior resulting in the AHRS 1 FAULT and AHRS 2 FAULT CAS messages. In this position, you have most likely entered an area of GPS unavailability and must slow down to a max of 240KIAS/.63Mach to avoid the AHRS miscompare as recommended by Embraer. The following avionics loads will eliminate this event; G1000 (9x), G3000 (1x ).
  • A few additional product updates recently released include a cockpit seat legroom increase STC that adds 5-6 inches of legroom on the pilot side only and a coat hanger STC, inserted in the lav just above the sink/storage area, that provides the capability to hang seven jackets/20lb.
  • A new interior Block Point Change for the Phenom 300 was also introduced beginning with SN 50500357. The club area table flaps have been streamlined to form a flat surface all the way to the sidewall, and the side ledge is adorned with a wood veneer. The cup holder has been redesigned to be deeper and more efficient, the power outlets have been relocated and now include USB charging ports, and an optional mirror is now available in the lavatory.
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