Your Brokerage Experts

Handling the complete transaction from start to finish

As your brokerage experts, we will market your aircraft to its full potential and seamlessly handle the complete transaction from start to finish. Our firm’s reputation and collective energy are the reason we continue to earn the business of both new and returning clients.

It's time for an upgrade

Ready to upgrade to your next aircraft? SOLJETS is your solution for marketing your aircraft to its full potential and handling the complete transaction from start to finish.

Making it easier to get you into your next aircraft

When you want to maximize your time — in the air or on the ground — SOLJETS is here to help, with transactions and intelligence made simple.

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Assess the market

We price and strategize with confidence using real-time market intelligence. SOLDATA tracks fleet averages, days on market, currency trends, pedigree, location, and many other variables so that we can predict your aircraft’s market value within 5%.


Align on strategy

Utilizing our real-time data and intel, we align with your pricing expectations, timeline, and other variables. Our alignment process identifies potential problems that can surface during the final stages of closing, so that we can address and resolve them early.  


Assemble marketing assets

Next, we prepare a global marketing campaign by assembling industry-leading assets. Every campaign includes cutting-edge collateral such as a virtual tour, video brochure, email campaigns, and professional photos.


Act successful closing

As masters of the deal, we put 50+ years of collective experience to work protecting your interests while negotiating inspection scope, location, and closing terms. We closely monitor every step to ensure a streamlined transaction process free from turbulence.

Real-Time Market Insights

Today, data is king — and while aviation market intelligence isn’t new, our approach is. Our proprietary database software, SOLDATA, is here to deliver market insights faster and in real-time.

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One of our greatest asset is our people

We have handpicked our expert staff to provide our customers with the best aircraft acquisition experience in the industry, from passionate aviation experts. Our goal is to forge relationships — and success speaks for itself, as over 83% of our business is from return clients.  

As you grow, we’re here to grow with you. Throughout your ownership experience, we act as your trusted advisor — we’re always just a phone call away.

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