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As one of the world’s most respected boutique jet brokerage firms, we provide industry leading customer service and market intelligence empowering clients to have the highest level of success with their aircraft transaction goals.

We believe in technology as a pathway to the next generation of aircraft sales and have invested heavily in our proprietary database software, SOLDATA, which tracks all parameters involved with a turbine aircraft valuation.  This technology forward approach allows us to evaluate any combination of variables that matter most to our clients, enabling them to make decisions in minutes rather than days. 

The SOLJETS team is unique, client-centric, and energetic.  We follow an outside-the-box approach that puts our clients’ mission first as we analyze all possible solutions to a transaction; maintaining and protecting their interests at every step.  Our process ensures we capture the best value proposition for the mission at hand.


Our SOLJETS aircraft comparison tool displays the performance, economic & physical metrics of up to three different jets side by side. This is designed to make your buying or selling experience as easy as possible, measuring your chosen aircrafts against each other and allowing you to make the best possible choice for your company’s needs.

Simply select the models to compare, plus the origin and destination, to reveal a wealth of useful statistics. Once you have more of an idea about what you are looking for, get in touch with our expert private jet brokers to see how we can help.

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