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Although no two clients are the same, SOLJETS has crafted two primary services centered around your needs: brokerage and acquisition. As one of the world’s most respected private jet brokers, we will always provide you with the tools, data & answers needed to reach the best value proposition, whether you are buying or selling an aircraft.

Our experienced brokerage team ensures that your jet receives the best possible market exposure. We invest heavily in first-rate technology and proprietary data solutions to ensure that all aircrafts for sale are priced and negotiated in the most profitable way for our clients. 

Meanwhile, securing pre-owned aircrafts for sale comes naturally to our acquisition department, a mixture of seasoned pilots and aviation specialists. We use a range of tools and processes to protect your business interests, and will always provide you with the most up-to-date market intelligence upon which to make your decision.

Whether you are buying or selling an aircraft, you’ll find our private jet brokers have a unique, client-centric approach that puts you first. Ongoing communication, 24/7 transparency, and full aftercare support are just some of the highlights you can expect.


Our SOLJETS aircraft comparison tool displays the performance, economic & physical metrics of up to three different jets side by side. This is designed to make your buying or selling experience as easy as possible, measuring your chosen aircrafts against each other and allowing you to make the best possible choice for your company’s needs.

Simply select the models to compare, plus the origin and destination, to reveal a wealth of useful statistics. Once you have more of an idea about what you are looking for, get in touch with our expert private jet brokers to see how we can help.

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