An abundance of tools and data at your fingertips

Access precise aviation insights—from fleet data to in-depth aircraft details—for informed decisions in the dynamic aircraft market.

Live Market Insights

Harness Real-Time Insights — A Comprehensive Dashboard

Make informed decisions swiftly and effortlessly with all the essential information centralized in one place.

Fleet Availability

Dive Into Fleet Availability — We Provide Clear Answers

Need to know just how many aircraft are available for a particular aircraft fleet? SOLDATA has the answers.

Market Trends

Strategize Offers with Current & Historical Data — Gain the Edge in Aircraft Pricing

Access up-to-the-minute and historical data to determine a strong, informed, and competitive offer price for any aircraft on the market.

Value Driven Analysis

Deep Dive into Aircraft Details — Strategic Insights for Every Potential Purchase with SOLDATA

Analyze specific details on any particular aircraft to understand the strategic considerations of any potential purchase.

Next-Gen Transactions

Taking Market Intelligence to New Heights

The next generation of aircraft sales is here. Today, data is king — and while aviation market intelligence isn’t new, our approach is. Our proprietary database software, SOLDATA, is here to deliver market insights faster and in real-time.

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Know what’s available as soon as it hits the market. SOLDATA delivers current aircraft availability info, tracking as aircraft enter and exit the market and updating in real-time.



Understand how condition affects price and value proposition, from anywhere in the world, without ever even seeing the aircraft. SOLDATA weighs engines, avionics, and other factors affecting the asking price with historical data.


Price Point

Buy or sell with confidence. SOLDATA filters any combination of criteria in seconds to determine if an asking price is good or not.


Expert Analysis

Trust our team to find the right aircraft for you. Powered by SOLDATA insights, our team considers all options, steers the transaction, and gets you into the air.

Changing the way we look at transactions

SOLDATA delivers unmatched real-time market insights and analysis of any combination of variables. With just a few clicks, SOLDATA filters through every available business aircraft and recently traded opportunities — accelerating your ability to make a purchase with unparalleled confidence.  

Our next-generation data isn’t our only superpower. As a boutique firm, we personalize every transaction to our clients’ needs and interests to guide you through a seamless process.

Before SOLJETS, you might've faced these challenges

The top questions we used to get from clients were:

  • What is available?
  • Is there a surplus of inventory or a deficit?
  • What condition is the available aircraft in?
  • Most importantly, What does it cost?

With SOLDATA, these questions are answered, plus a whole lot more.

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