SOLJETS’ Difference:

At SOLJETS, we employ a number of different technologies to guarantee our clients the best online exposure and give potential buyers immediate access to extensive media and data on aircraft listings.

The acquisition of a pre-owned business jet actually presents more of a challenge than simply selling one, which is why SOLJETS utilizes several TOOLS and PROCESSES to protect your flight departments’ interests and give you the most up-to-date market intelligence on private jet purchase.

Each of the following tools are used to ensure every step is planned, executed and audited. When looking to buy a private jet, SOLJETS experience is second to none.


We begin by aligning (forecasting) all variables impacted by the jet acquisition, which include financial and tax planning, training, insurance, storage, maintenance, etc. During this phase and throughout the transaction, we leverage our expert global PARTNERS for connections, counsel, and guidance.

Align Align


After detailing all relevant variables, we assess your mission and offer separate, tailored model market summaries & comparisons to offer an analysis of each model marketplace. We will evaluate your travel patterns and future objectives to determine the efficient and desirable models for your mission.




Having reached a decision on desired aircraft year range, cabin configuration, model, and features, our team initiates immediate, direct contact with owners of that type of aircraft. We use multiple channels—overnight mail, follow-up phone calls, etc.—and leverage deep industry contacts to explore off-market opportunities.

With a complete list of all on- and off-market aircraft matching your criteria, we compile these options into the SOLJETS’ proprietary “Fair Market Value” tool, which allows us to compare all available aircraft side by side from a value proposition standpoint. Using historical trade data for a particular model over the previous six months, our data analytics team can determine how under- or over-valued a particular aircraft is in relation to another. FMV takes all variables into account including:

  • Cabin Configuration
  • Avionics Upgrades
  • Engine Time (relative to fleet)
  • Maintenance Programs
  • US vs International Pedigree
  • WiFi
  • Airframe Time (relative to fleet)
  • Interior or exterior refurbishment dates

“Working backwards” from each aircraft’s value, we can then make forward offers on your behalf using SOLJETS’ partners for legal, escrow, and maintenance guidance, ensuring all variables are considered.


With an offer in hand, we continue negotiations through the execution of a Purchase Contract. We assist with coordination of the test flight, maintenance inspections, discrepancy resolution, and finally delivery—utilizing an appropriate team of SOLJETS’ partners throughout each of these steps.


Your delivery date marks just the beginning of our relationship with you. We’re not simply your acquisition firm; we’re here to be a partner in your jet experience moving forward. When you need support, flying tips, someone to interpret your maintenance report – anything – you can count on us to be here for you.