SOLJETS’ Difference:

At SOLJETS, we employ a number of different technologies to guarantee our clients the best online exposure and give potential buyers immediate access to extensive media and data on aircraft listings.

The acquisition of a pre-owned business jet actually presents more of a challenge than simply selling one, which is why SOLJETS utilizes several TOOLS and PROCESSES to protect your flight departments’ interests and give you the most up-to-date market intelligence on private jet purchase.

Each of the following tools are used to ensure every step is planned, executed and audited. When looking to buy a private jet, SOLJETS experience is second to none.


We begin with an investigation of your current and future missions.  This ALIGNMENT of missions and criteria ensures the next aircraft fits you for years to come, minimizing any depreciation involved with a sooner-than-expected upgrade and maximizing the value you receive from the asset.

Alignment Alignment


Utilizing our proprietary database, SOLDATA, we thoroughly ANALYZE all variables involved with the purchase and future operations including but not limited to: 

  • Budget
  • Seating & Layout Requirements
  • Mission Requirements
  • Applicable Service Network
  • Seasonal Performance Limitations.

SOLDATA allows us to determine which variables to filter and what constraints we are working with in order to optimize  our focus over the entire market.

For Example- If you are searching for:

  • US Based
  • 8 Pax
  • 1800nm airplane 
  • Garmin G3000 Avionics
  • Enrolled on engine programs
  • Budget of $7M

SOLDATA is able to display all (on and off-market) opportunities across every manufacturer within seconds.  Once we narrow down the list to a few unique opportunities, we can demonstrate the best value proposition utilizing our Fair Market Value Analysis software by comparing against recent trade data.




Once your  target aircraft has been identified, SOLJETS will ASSEMBLE all necessary documents, utilizing our trusted partners at Carriere and Little to protect your interests and negotiate the most favorable terms.  Our customer experience team will coordinate all communication & processes between maintenance facilities, banks, escrow, insurance, and tax professionals.  As the inspections progress, our team stays  ahead of the game ensuring all deliverables are in place for a successful closing.


Throughout your ownership experience, we ACT as your trusted advisor for immediate answers.  Whether you’re sitting in Jackson Hole with an iced up airplane, and curious how to comply properly with cold soak ground procedures, or dealing with an AOG in Tahiti- you can call, text or email us anytime... We’re not your acquisition firm; we’re your partner throughout the jet ownership experience.