Jan 24, 2022

Soljets Completes First Cryptocurrency Transaction

With the help of a Blockchain Expert, SOLJETS emerged as one of the first US brokerage to complete a transaction using cryptocurrency.

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SOLJETS has proven themselves as a frontrunner when it comes to utilizing technology to enrich the customer experience. This is evident through their proprietary technology, SOLDATA, which puts the company at the forefront of real-time market intel. Therefore, it came as no surprise when SOLJETS emerged as one of the first US jet brokerages to complete a transaction using cryptocurrency.

The company opened its doors in 2015 and quickly expanded its reach to serve clients globally, driving the need for advanced technology and creating a futuristic approach to their business model. One means of accomplishing this goal is by offering an alternative digital payment in conjunction with traditional methods. The team at SOLJETS recognized the benefits of adding cryptocurrency and prioritized its integration into the company. Last fall, they registered with BitPay, one of the world’s largest providers of crypto-centric payment services. SOLJETS completed their first cryptocurrency transaction in early November 2021, marking a significant milestone for the firm and their future clients.

Cryptocurrency continues to gain traction and the visionaries at BitPay saw the potential to revolutionize the financial industry by transforming how people and businesses send, receive, and store money on a global scale. This aligns with the SOLJETS’ mission to provide unparalleled customer service. By adopting this technology, they are able to streamline the brokerage and acquisition process even further, allowing clients to experience more efficient transactions.

SOLJETS was honored to have Taylor Gerring as the first client to take advantage of the cryptocurrency payment option. Gerring is the co-founder of Ethereum Foundation, an organization which developed technology at the core of a global payments and digital art revolution. His successful investment into cryptocurrency was the means that afforded him the ability to acquire his own aircraft. Gerring not only has a long history surrounding blockchains, but is also a pilot whose passion for aviation began while working on Ethereum.  

“I was drawn to SOLJETS because of their clear focus on a data-driven approach. From the moment we began discussing my mission profile, all the way through the demo flight and acquisition, I felt the full backing of their team tirelessly working in the background to ensure the best purchase experience possible,” said Taylor Gerring.  

Forward-thinking individuals can’t help but notice the promise and value of innovative payment technology to transform the sales industry at large. Many are confident in the inventiveness of crypto-related services and feel this is just the start of a wide-ranging phenomenon. Acquiring traditional assets with innovative payment solutions is one small step towards changing how the world sees the global financial system.

“SOLJETS strongly believes in the simplicity and efficiency of cryptocurrency as it mimics our firm’s transactional goals,” said SOLJETS Co-Founder and Partner, Matt Stringfellow. “Mr. Gerring presented an excellent opportunity to further educate ourselves about cryptocurrency and its advantages. We look forward to future crypto clients.”

SOLJETS’ headquarters is located in Park City, Utah. The company also has office locations in Boulder, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois. SOLJETS currently has 10 employees and has managed over 280 transactions to-date.

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