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Ryan Crawford

Chief Technology Officer
Ryan Crawford, Soljets Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Crawford graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Technology and a specialization in telecommunications and networking. His more than 15 years of IT-industry experience across diverse business sectors garnered Ryan a reputation for cutting-edge data infrastructure and custom applications.  

Ryan joined SOLJETS in 2016, drawn by the opportunity to pursue creative, non-conventional technology solutions within a conventional industry. As SOLJETS’ Chief Technology Officer, he is implementing a broad range of web-based technology tools that are changing the way data is leveraged for SOLJETS’ clients.  These tools, in turn, are streamlining client experience, ensuring smooth transactions, and creating lasting relationships.

True to Ryan’s dedication to streamlining practices and generating efficiencies, his favorite aircraft is the legendary Concorde, which was retired in 2003. “It was so ahead of its time,” says Ryan. “The very idea that it could transport people comfortably at 60,000 ft. traveling Mach 2 is simply fascinating.”