Ryan Crawford

Ryan Crawford is a highly experienced IT professional with 20 years of expertise, including 8 focused on aviation. He has revolutionized the AEC sector and aviation industry through his proprietary technology platforms. As SOLJETS' Chief Technology Officer since 2016, Ryan is an industry leader, driven to transform the aviation market and enhance the client experience.

Ryan's groundbreaking creation, SOLDATA, is a transformative tech platform that revolutionizes the client experience and market intelligence interaction. Through web-based tools, Ryan streamlines processes, ensures seamless transactions, and cultivates lasting client relationships.

Outside of work, Ryan is a dedicated family man and proud father of two. He cherishes quality time with loved ones and enjoys leisurely moments in southwest Michigan. With a passion for restoration projects, Ryan is also an avid auto enthusiast. His favorite aircraft, the retired Concorde. “It was so ahead of its time,” says Ryan. “The very idea that it could transport people comfortably at 60,000 ft. traveling Mach 2 is simply fascinating.”

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