West Regional Sales Director

Gustav Wollenzien

Gustav's passion for aviation has been a driving force throughout his life, and he continuously seeks to provide innovative solutions for his team and clients. With a unique background that encompasses both military and commercial airframes, Gustav has gained extensive experience in every stage of development and production, from the production floor to the front office. He kick-started his career at Sierra Nevada Corporation, where he worked on government contracts, but it was his encounter with the Pilatus PC-12 that truly captured his heart. Gustav subsequently joined Pilatus' U.S. operation, and he even had the opportunity to work overseas at the Switzerland-based OEM.

As the West Regional Sales Director at SOLJETS, Gustav leads sales efforts in the region, leveraging his expertise in market research, analytics, and client relations. His exceptional leadership abilities shine through his adeptness in navigating export compliance initiatives and consistently meeting production deadlines, whether it's for OEM or government projects. Gustav's commitment to ensuring compliance, timeliness, and budget adherence is truly commendable.

Gustav firmly believes that SOLJETS' revolutionary SOLDATA platform, coupled with the company's unwavering commitment to prioritize customers, creates an unforgettable and invaluable client experience.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Gustav finds joy in spending time with friends, family, and colleagues. It is this emphasis on strong relationships that drew Gustav to join SOLJETS and align himself with the company's vision. During his leisure time, Gustav indulges in his passion for the outdoors and sports. You can catch him soaring through the skies in the local Wasatch Mountain range, as he recently obtained his private pilot's license. Gustav also enjoys the tranquility of the golf course and the adrenaline rush of the hockey rink, as he remains an avid fan and regular player.

In essence, Gustav embodies the spirit of adventure, innovation, and camaraderie, both in his professional and personal pursuits.

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