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Andrew Dondelinger

Sales Analyst
Andrew Dondelinger, SOLJETS Sales Analyst

Andrew Dondelinger joined the SOLJETS team as a salesanalyst in February of 2022. In his role, Andrew gathers market intelligenceand keeps SOLJETS’ SOLDATA up to date with key information to help us matchclients with the right aircraft or represent owners’ best interests in sales.


In addition to sales data, Andrew loves aviation andairplanes, especially the thrilling freedom of being in flight. A commerciallyrated pilot, Andrew started his flight training at age 18. He earned hispilot’s license in August 2019 and is always looking for new ways to improvehis piloting abilities. Originally from Bemidji, Minnesota, he especially likestaking friends for sightseeing flights.  Earninghis seaplane rating has prepared him to pilot the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


Andrew graduated from Metropolitan State University inDenver, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Aviation and AerospaceScience with a concentration in professional flight. When he’s not working,Andrew enjoys wake surfing and water skiing in the summer and downhill skiingin the winter.