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Chicago, IL, June 7, 2022—SOLJETS, a leading business jet transaction company, announced the addition of Chicago-based sales analyst Andrew Dondelinger to its growing team. Dondelinger will strengthen SOLJET’s team amid growing demand for market intelligence and the company’s technology-forward approach for the business jet transaction market. Mr. Dondelinger will gather market intelligence and keep SOLJETS’ proprietary SOLDATA software updated with key information on jet inventory availability, sales, and transactions.

A commercially rated pilot, Dondelinger brings extensive knowledge on aviation and airplanes to his role as sales analyst. He graduated from Metropolitan State University in Denver, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Science with a concentration in professional flight. Dondelinger earned his pilot’s license in August 2019 and holds a seaplane rating.

“Andrew joins us at the ideal moment,” cofounder and partner Matt Stringfellow said. “Every one of our 100+ annual jet transactions is powered by SOLDATA, which we’ve built from the ground up to deliver real-time market insights for buyers, sellers, and our team. As we continue to rapidly grow in the business jet transaction market, the blend of aviation and data expertise that Andrew brings is going to be critical to our success for clients.”

SOLDATA enables real-time insights and analysis into any combination of variables and features, dramatically accelerating jet transaction decisions from days to minutes. The SOLJETS team, including Dondelinger, continually updates SOLDATA with historical data on every business jet transaction in the world.

Founded in 2015, SOLJETS is one of the world’s most respected boutique business jet brokerage firms, guiding corporate and owner-operator clients through 100+ annual transactions. SOLJETS has three offices across the country, and serves a global clientele with a next-generation approach to aircraft sales.

For more on SOLJETS and SOLDATA, visit https://www.soljets.com.