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Super midsize aircraft are commonly called “supermids”. This group of jets offer greater cabin room than their midsize counterparts and come with many of the benefits of heavy jets. Private jet range comparison shows that aircraft in the super-midsize category continue to improve travel range on midsize aircraft by about 500 statute miles, offering transcontinental range for your whole group, from coast to coast, non-stop, at a faster speed. Passengers enjoy spacious cabins with standing headroom, giving an even more comfortable in-flight experience. Super midsize jets for sale typically seat up to 10 passengers and offer amenities like on-demand inflight entertainment and WIFI. These aircraft are known to be the fastest, and most fuel efficient when it comes to extended journeys, with flight times of up to 8 hours. Browse our range of super midsize jets for sale below, or use our comparison tool to help you find what you’re looking for.

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