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The Gulfstream 100 was formerly known as the Astra SPX. When General Dynamics acquired the Astra models it was renamed the Gulfstream 100 compared to the Astra SP. It has more powerful and efficient Honeywell TFE 731-40 engines, winglets and Collins Pro Line 4 avionics.

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Operating Cost

C&D Variable Cost/Hour $2,652.08
C&D Cost/nm $6.41


Max Range (nm) 2,910
Max Cruise (ktas) 474
Balanced Field Length (ft) 6,000
Max Op Altitude - Ceiling (ft) 45,000

Cabin interior

Typical Pax 7
Cabin Height (ft) 5.6
Cabin Width (ft) 4.75
Cabin Length (ft) 17.1
Cabin Volume (cu-ft) 304
Total Baggage Volume (cu-ft) 64


Max Take Off (lbs) 24,650
Basic Operating Weight (lbs)* 14,365
Usable Fuel (lbs) 9,365
Full Fuel Payload (lbs) 920
*Includes required crew members at 200 lbs each

Range map