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Citation XLS

The Citation XLS is a Citation Excel, with more payload, improved PW545B engines and improved range. The model 560-XL Citation XLS combines a shortened Citation X cabin with a modified Citation V wing. Its two P&W PW545B turbofan engines provide 330 NM more range and 19 knots faster normal cruise speed than the Citation Excel. The cabin provides comfortable seating for seven passengers. Cessna introduced the Citation XLS in 2003 and deliveries commenced shortly afterwards.

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Operating Cost

C&D Variable Cost/Hour $2,089.83
C&D Cost/nm $5.17


Max Range (nm) 1,989
Max Cruise (ktas) 433
Balanced Field Length (ft) 3,940
Max Op Altitude - Ceiling (ft) 45,000

Cabin interior

Typical Pax 8
Cabin Height (ft) 5.7
Cabin Width (ft) 5.5
Cabin Length (ft) 18.5
Cabin Volume (cu-ft) 422
Total Baggage Volume (cu-ft) 90


Full Fuel Payload (lbs) 2,300

Range map