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Learjet 60

The Learjet 60 is a Learjet 55, with a 3½-foot longer fuselage, Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305 engines, Collins Pro Line 4 avionics, and numerous other improvements. The improved Learjet 60 first flew in June 1991 and deliveries started after certification in 1993.

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Operating Cost

C&D Variable Cost/Hour $2,899.81
C&D Cost/nm $6.76


Max Range (nm) 2,418
Max Cruise (ktas) 465
Balanced Field Length (ft) 5,920
Max Op Altitude - Ceiling (ft) 51,000

Cabin interior

Typical Pax 7
Cabin Height (ft) 5.71
Cabin Width (ft) 5.92
Cabin Length (ft) 17.67
Cabin Volume (cu-ft) 447
Total Baggage Volume (cu-ft) 48


Max Take Off (lbs) 23,500
Basic Operating Weight (lbs)* 14,772
Usable Fuel (lbs) 7,910
Full Fuel Payload (lbs) 1,068
*Includes required crew members at 200 lbs each

Range map