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Hawker 850XP

The Hawker 850XP was introduced at the 2005 NBAA Convention in Orlando, FL. The 850XP comes equipped with Raytheon Aircraft designed winglets. The winglets were sized to provide distinct performance improvements while not impacting airframe inspection schedules. The range of the Hawker 850XP has seen a 100 nautical mile increase. Other performance improvements include up to eight percent improvement in time-to-climb plus faster airspeeds and block speeds. Deliveries of this model started in 2005.

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Operating Cost

C&D Variable Cost/Hour $3,438.48
C&D Cost/nm $8.43


Max Range (nm) 2,710
Max Cruise (ktas) 452
Balanced Field Length (ft) 5,640
Max Op Altitude - Ceiling (ft) 41,000

Cabin interior

Typical Pax 8
Cabin Height (ft) 5.75
Cabin Width (ft) 6
Cabin Length (ft) 21.3
Cabin Volume (cu-ft) 551
Total Baggage Volume (cu-ft) 50


Max Take Off (lbs) 28,000
Basic Operating Weight (lbs)* 16,330
Usable Fuel (lbs) 10,000
Full Fuel Payload (lbs) 1,790
*Includes required crew members at 200 lbs each

Range map