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Hawker 800XPR

The Hawker 800XPR is an upgrade started in 2010 for the Hawker 800XP series. The 800XPR upgrade program features an engine upgrade to Honeywell TFE 731-50R power plants offering 4,669 lbs of thrust each. The new engines have a 6,000 TBO compared to the original engines 4,200 hour TBO. Also added are company designed winglets. Both upgrades offer substantial performance improvements over the stock 800XP. An optional avionics upgrade is also available for the XPR.

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Operating Cost

C&D Variable Cost/Hour $3,159.44
C&D Cost/nm $7.78


Max Range (nm) 2,929
Max Cruise (ktas) 452
Balanced Field Length (ft) 5,260
Max Op Altitude - Ceiling (ft) 41,000

Cabin interior

Typical Pax 8
Cabin Height (ft) 5.75
Cabin Width (ft) 6
Cabin Length (ft) 21.3
Cabin Volume (cu-ft) 551
Total Baggage Volume (cu-ft) 50


Max Take Off (lbs) 28,000
Basic Operating Weight (lbs)* 16,500
Usable Fuel (lbs) 10,000
Full Fuel Payload (lbs) 1,620
*Includes required crew members at 200 lbs each

Range map