The acquisition of a pre-owned private plane can be a challenge. SOLJETS’ years of experience and market intelligence is available to help you make the best transaction. We use a selection of ​aviation market ​tools and resources to help you make the right decision for you and your business, including immediate access to media and data on aircraft listings.

Our foolproof process includes forecasting all variables impacted by jet acquisition in the​ business jet market​, assessing your requirements, contacting owners of the type of aircraft that you desire, negotiating a Purchase Contract through to delivery, and forming an alliance with you that lasts a lifetime.


We invest in the highest level of proprietary data solutions to ensure your success. We also guarantee the widest online exposure for sellers in the ​business jet market​, through a range of expertly produced multi-media products. From our 360° 3D virtual aircraft tours, which allow potential buyers to explore the jet interior from the comfort of their home, to our brochures, which highlight luxury features and alongside key specs, we showcase your jet to encourage a prompt and mutually-beneficial sale.


For both acquisition and brokerage clients, we provide up-to-the-minute​ aviation market​ intelligence offering everything you need to know for your purchase or sale. We know that knowledge is power, and our role is to make you as powerful as possible.